BMP Capital Funding: Your Small Business Finance Specialist

At BMP Capital Funding, we are recognized professionals in factoring and providing small business finance alternative solutions to small business entrepreneurs. Factoring your invoices through BMP Capital Funding turns those receivables into immediate "ready" cash which can be used to:

Accounts receivable factoring is one of the most powerful financing mechanisms available to small business B2B entrepreneurs and you can find out this method of finance here.  But at BMP Capital Funding it is just one of the many financial tools we make available to small business owners.

Financing Alternatives for Start Ups and Early Stage Businesses Are Our Specialty

Virtually all business owners will tell you that accessing adequate working and growth capital in today's economy is challenging, to say the least.  And...that is especially true when talking about small start ups and companies that are in their earliest stages of operation and having little credit history and minimal collateral. Unless collateralized by real estate, bank lending for small business is all but non-existent.

But, there are alternatives to traditional bank loans when seeking funding for your small business and at BMP Capital Funding, we specialize in such alternatives.  For many small business owners, we can provide:

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Want to find out more and explore the financing opportunities available from BMP Capital Funding?  It's easy!  Simply request a copy of our popular financing guide for small business owners, "When Banks Say NO!...The Small Business Guide to Factoring."  It's FREE, from BMP Capital FundingClick here to order!